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We are thrilled that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to find out more about Christian Life Center of the Tri-Cities. We have a beautiful building, a wonderful staff, and power-packed moves of God when we gather together to praise the King of Kings. It is our sincere hope, as you check out our website, that you will choose to visit one of our Sunday or midweek services and see for yourself what we mean when we say, “At CLC, the difference is LIFE!”

We are 101% sold out in our belief that God, who is holy, has called each of us into a special relationship with Him. This relationship with Him manifests itself in every aspect of our lives, including our families. As such, CLC stresses and supports the family unit as God’s primary institution. We forge ahead through this wicked world armed with three basic bedrock principles: the true plan of salvation, the revelation of who He is, and the bountiful blessings which follow us wherever we may go.

Our services are a daily testimony that the promises God made in his word were not just to the disciples and apostles of that day, but are still alive and being experienced among his people today. We understand that you are tired of powerless churches, empty promises and hopeless situations. You are looking for anointed preaching, commanding teaching, exuberant worship and mighty demonstrations of God’s power in every church service you attend. If this is what you seek, then look no further. We invite you to come and be fulfilled as you drink from the rivers of living water. We look forward to personally meeting you. Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to meet you soon.


” Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” 

Psalm 119:105 (KJV)


Our History

With only twelve in attendance, the first organizational meeting of this church was held under the leadership of Rev. M. M. Turner on August 9, 1952 in the home of Mrs. Sally Mosley. The name selected for the newly formed church was “First Apostolic Church of Morrison City”. Later, land was purchased and a new church building was constructed. With the completion of the main sanctuary in July 1959, Rev. Turner felt it was God’s will for him to move back to his native Oklahoma.

Rev. Claude Field was elected as the second pastor and served until 1968 when he resigned in order to accept the pastorate of the Bemis United Pentecostal Church. Rev. Tom Marshall was elected as the next pastor of the First Apostolic Church of Morrison City and served until January 1972.

Rev. James E. Tharp accepted the invitation of Tennessee District Superintendent, W. M. Greer, and the church congregation to fill the vacancy in April 1972. Under his leadership the congregation quickly grew and filled the building to capacity. At this point there was an obvious need to purchase adjacent buildings and land in order to accommodate church offices and a continuously growing Sunday School and church congregation.

During this time of growth, a young man in the “Morrison City” church congregation, named Keith Barker, emerged exhibiting a deep love for God. Pastor Tharp, who sensed a call of God upon this young man’s life, began mentoring him for a pulpit ministry, and in time, appointed him as Pastor’s Assistant.

Pastor Tharp had a three-fold vision for the church which consisted of the following: Continuous church growth by way of reaching the unsaved in the Kingsport area, consistent support for Foreign Missions, and a new church facility that would accommodate all facets of the Christian family.

A financial commitment was made to Foreign Missions in 1976 that totally depleted all of the church treasures including the building fund. Thus began our journey of faith that was generously rewarded by God when the State of Tennessee served notice that they had decided to build a highway through the center of the church. The $75,000 church facility was sold to the State of Tennessee for an amount in excess of $300,000. Soon after the sale, God provided 5 ½ acres of the most desirable land in Kingsport. Many other financial miracles followed!

During a church business meeting in June 1977, the congregation selected “Christian Life Center” of the Tri-Cities as the name of their new church complex. We believed that this new development would fulfill our dream to provide accommodation for every Christian activity; and, that it would be a light and place of refuge to the surrounding Tri-Cities area. On December 10, 1978, the new 36,000 sq. ft. structure was completed and the ever-increasing congregation of Christian Life Center moved in to their new home.

In November of the same year, during a visit to York, PA, Rev. Keith Barker felt an enormous burden for the people of that city who had no Pastor. Bittersweet emotions filled his heart as he accepted the pastoate in York and left the prospect of entering the new church building in Kingsport.
Over the next twenty-eight years, we observed a continual manifestation of our vision: Complete development of all parking, playground, and landscaped areas to be of service to the Academy and Child Care, our increasing support of Foreign Missions, and continual outreach within our city and surrounding areas.

Many years of faithful service by Pastor Tharp had yielded countless rewards. However, age imposed limitations upon the further expansion of our dream’s fulfillment. Never being satisfied with mediocrity, Pastor Tharp contacted his former assistant, Rev. D. Keith Barker, in York, PA. He explained his vision for the future of Christian Life Center and counseled with Rev. Barker regarding his assuming the pastorate. It was not until then that Rev. Barker confided that God had been leading him to return to Kingsport for several months.

On April 30, 2000 Rev. James E. Tharp retired from the position of Pastor of Christian Life Center and Rev. D. Keith Barker was elected to fill the vacancy. Rev. Tharp then assumed the role of “Pastor Emeritus” at the request of Pastor Barker.

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