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Rev Cameron and Charity Poe Youth DirectorsYouth-In-ACTSion is the youth ministry (ages 12-18) of Christian Life Center. Our youth service is every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm.
YIA is the place where students of the same belief and a hunger for God can gather together. 

It’s a place where you can personally seek more from God and receive what God has for you.

For more information, please contact Bro. Cameron Poe.

Bro. Cameron & Sis. Charity Poe
Youth Pastors


 Project 7 (P7) is a free resource for students to start Bible clubs at their high school and middle school campuses. P7 clubs are student-led and driven opportunities for students to participate in a spiritually inspired, relationship oriented, community serving project in the school.
CLC’s Youth-In-ACTSion has P7 clubs at Dobyns-Bennett High School and Sullivan North High School in Kingsport.



Shortly after Because of the Times 2011, Peyton Flanary began feeling the call to make a difference in his world. He listened intently as Pastor Anthony Mangun told the story of Welles Crowther, an equities trader who worked in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Crowther carried a red bandana with him, which he waved in the air, passionately yelling for people to follow him as he led them to safety. After helping several people, Crowther with his red bandana, ran back into the building to save one more life from the impending doom. He never made it out of the building.

The story of the man with the red bandana was etched in Peyton’s mind as he felt the tug of God calling him to reach souls. Peyton was overwhelmed with a sense of mission as he went home and helped several of his friends to an altar, carrying his own red bandana with him every day as a symbol of his passion to win souls.

At North American Youth Congress 2013, Peyton’s passion for souls was rekindled when he heard about Project 7: the new ministry of the General Youth Division that helps students start Bible clubs in their middle/high schools. Peyton immediately began the process of starting a Project 7 (P7) club at Volunteer High in Kingsport, Tennessee. However, his efforts were met with resistance. He continued to work with the school administration to get it started, and in the meantime, attended another P7 club his youth group started at Dobyns Bennett High School—the first in the area.

Although Peyton would not immediately realize his dream of starting a P7 club, he carried the red bandana to his school every day, telling people about Jesus and reaching them with the gospel. His impact was never known until tragedy struck.

Peyton was involved in a car accident that would eventually cause him to take his last breath on Earth. When Peyton’s youth pastor, Kevin Harper, visited him in the hospital, he immediately recalled the red bandana Peyton always carried. Hundreds of Peyton’s friends flooded the hospital to pray. Brother Harper bought every red bandana in town and gave them out to all of Peyton’s friends as a reminder of the one thing for which Peyton cared most: their souls. Peyton passed away on December 4, 2013 at the age of sixteen, but his legacy will live on in eternity!

Over 1,500 people attended his funeral. As Peyton would have wanted, it was no ordinary funeral. They “had church” and two of Peyton’s friends were baptized in Jesus’ name that day! Since Peyton’s passing, twenty-five of his friends have been baptized in Jesus’ name, and twenty have received the Holy Ghost, including Rachelle Housewright, whom I had the privilege of meeting at Tennessee Youth Convention!

Classroom meeting about P7Classroom meeting about P7Classroom meeting about P7Baptizing in the name of Jesus ChristBaptizing in the name of Jesus Christ
Classroom meeting about P7


With the assistance of his youth group, his youth pastor Brother Harper, and other local Apostolic youth groups, Volunteer High School now has a P7 Bible club. There are a total of five schools that have approved the P7 program in the Kingsport area, reaching over eighty students every week! Four more clubs are currently in the approval process. All around the city of Kingsport, you will find red bandanas.

courtesy of http://insideout.pentecostalyouth.org

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